Save some money and still have a blast!

The 2015 / 2016 Skydive Burnaby ’Tis The Season’ Holiday Sale!!

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First Timers, Family and Friends Christmas Special.

Skydive Burnaby suggests that you give them
”the" gift that will put a real smile on their face,
as well as yours!
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’Tis The Season’ Sale
Equals BIG Savings!

This amazing offer ends January 3rd!!
Call today for details 1800-693-JUMP (5867)
or locally 905-899-1528.

Save $50 Off The Regular Price OR Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off!

Q - When does this amazing deal end?
A - The Skydive Burnaby 2015 / 2016 ’Tis The Season’ Sale is available until midnight January 3, 2016.
Q - So how does it work?
A - Just call Skydive Burnaby at 1-800-693-5867, and ask about the ’Tis The Season’ Sale!! We will either send you your certificate(s) via 'Regular Mail' or by 'Email'. Just tell us which you prefer.
Q - When can I jump using this deal?
A - You can join us when the DropZone opens for the 2016 season starting in late April, but you must jump before July 31st, 2016.
Q - So how much will I save?
A - We are offering Tandem Skydives for only $249!!! That is a HUGE savings of $50 off our regular season price of $299 or Buy 1 Tandem at regular price and get a Second Tandem for only $149.50, a savings of $149.50! All prices do not include HST.
Q - Can I purchase multiple certificates?
A - Of course! Please do! If you need to transfer a certificate to someone else please notify the Skydive Burnaby office with the changes and remember, these certificates expire July 31st, 2016.
Q - I have already jumped with you ( LOVED IT !!! ) so can I use this coupon for myself and put it towards jumping next year?
A - Of course! But with these savings why not pick up 2 and bring a friend with you!
Q - Am I able to use this coupon for anything else at Skydive Burnaby?
A - In this case, no. Sorry. This deal is for tandem skydivers and the certificate has no cash value. You can still purchase the photo and video package, T-shirts or other fun items, but the savings will be directed to your jump price. As for our 'Advanced Freefall Progression' we would suggest that you click here for more information.
Q - Can I use this discount to purchase a 'Gift Card'?
A - Not in this case. Gift Cards are available year round but this special is for people interested in offering a tandem skydive as a gift or for saving themselves some money.
Q - What other restrictions are involved?
A - For the safety of you and the interest of Skydive Burnaby we must stick to the 'Age and Weight' restrictions listed here in the Skydive Burnaby 'Skydiving FAQ' Section.

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