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Skydive Photo & Video Services
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Skydiving photographer smile before exit.

Skydive Burnaby Tandem Skydiving Video & Photography Services

Skydive Burnaby offers all of its customers an exceptional, professional aerial Photo and Video service.

Skydive Burnaby Promo Video

Re-live your Tandem Skydiving Experience and allow our team of highly experienced, creative videographers to capture your skydive with the art of freefall photography and video recording.

Using specially constructed ‘Helmet-Cams’ the video staff can capture each incredible moment in digital video and digital photography.

Watch this promo video and remember, 'Don't be that guy!'

You can only do
your ‘First Jump’ once.

Remember... Get Video!

First Jump Photo & Video Packages

We believe that every first jump student should be able to re-live their experiences over & over again.
A Skydive Burnaby video production of your jump makes it possible to bring your experience home with you to show all your friends, family and business associates what it feels like to experience the sensation of flight.

Why stop there? Upload your video to the Internet and show the world!

Our PRO Video Includes :

A professionally edited 7* minute video production (*estimate time)
Pre-Jump Interview – Videographer captures Instructor training, gearing up, boarding aircraft, in-flight views and scenery
In Air Freefall – Videographer exits plane synchronized with the tandem pair and films your freefall
Touchdown - Captures your landing under parachute
Post-Jump Interview – Catching your raw emotions after the jump
Add music and titles to make it personal and memorable
All edited onto DVD and packaged in our custom Skydive Burnaby cases

Our PRO Photos Include :

Up to 36 digital still photographs on CD
High quality megapixel images (minimum 8.1MP)
Custom Skydive Burnaby CD packaging

Ultimate PRO Photo - Video Package :

Get it all for everlasting memories and share it with the world!
Our ‘Pro Package’ includes every item listed in the Video and Photo categories!
Custom Skydive Burnaby DVD kit, complete with ‘Amaray Case’ insert and uniquely designed DVD’s and CD’s that really add a spectacular touch to your keepsakes.
Email your photos to family and friends! Upload your video for the world to view! Print your favourite pictures for your home!
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The Ultimate Package
Get both for only

* Prices do not include HST.

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