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2nd Jump Special

Save $50 off your

T2 Tandem Skydive!

A student skydiver opens his parachute above Skydive Burnaby in Ontario, Canada.
We want you to continue skydiving so we are offering a great savings when you purchase your 2nd Jump.

Visit the Skydive Burnaby office for more details.

Tandem Skydiving in Ontario at Skydive Burnaby

Tandem skydivers exit the airplane above Skydive Burnaby in Ontario.

The moment of truth. Exit time and all smiles.

A Tandem skydive is the best way to experience skydiving for the first time. It allows the 1st jump students (you) to feel the complete experience of skydiving with the added security and assistance of a professional instructor.

Tandem Skydiving is the safest and most advanced form of first jump training available in today’s skydiving market. It has been around since the early 1980's and has progressed into the #1 training method of skydiving centres worldwide. The reasons being tandems streamlined training techniques and its’ safety record.

It is a process in which the instructor and the student are harnessed together prior to leaving the aircraft and remain attached during freefall and while under the tandem parachute.

This method offers our tandem students the comprehensive skydiving experience. From exiting the airplane and flying into freefall, to the opening of the parachute and a controlled flight under canopy, all the way down to the landing.

Yes, at Skydive Burnaby you really can experience it all on your very first jump.

What the Team at Skydive Burnaby Offers

Professional Certified Tandem Instructors
Modernized Training Process
Training Video combined with One-On-One Ground Instruction (Approx. 30 minutes)
Exit Altitude – Up to 14,000 ft. (4 KM or 2.5 Miles)
Freefall Speed – Up to 200 kph or 120 mph
Freefall Time – Up to 1Min. or 60 Sec.
Controlled Parachute Decent – Up to 8 min.
Strong Tandem Parachute Systems (Primary and Reserve Parachutes w/ Electronic Automatic Activation Device - AAD)
Spectacular Views - Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario,
Niagara Wine Region & Golden Horseshoe (Weather Permitting)
Soft Landings
World Class Service and Atmosphere

2016 Tandem Skydive and Video Price Guide Below

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Tandem skydivers prepare for landing after their jump at Skydive Burnaby, near Toronto.

Tandem skydivers about to land their parachute at the Burnaby DropZone.

Skydive Burnaby ~ Tandem Skydiving and Video Price Guide 2016*


Tandem Prices


Tandem Prices

Digital Photographs

on Custom CD

Digital Video

on Custom DVD

'Burnaby Pro Package'

CD and DVD Included

Group and Student Discount rates available.
Prices per person.

Group and Student Discount rates available.
Prices per person.

Professional '8+MP' Digital Photographs
on CD

High Quality Digital Video on DVD

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* Prices do not include HST. Prices subject to change.

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