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Frequently Asked Question for Student Skydivers.

  • What are the age requirements?
    *As of 2011 all Tandem students at Skydive Burnaby must be at least 18 years of age (Sorry, no exceptions).

    *Government issued Photo I.D. required.

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  • What are the physical requirements?

    * Recommended weight is under 225lbs for men and under 200lbs for women.
    * If your weight is over what is recommended please contact us so we may attempt to assist you with this.
    * Please inform us during reservations for 1st jump students that exceed recommended weight.
    * A general level of physical fitness is also required. Skydiving will require stretching and physical maneuvering.

    Physical Challenges

    * Please contact us in regards to any physical challenges or questions that are of concern.
    * 1(800) 693-JUMP(5893) or email us ~

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  • Is 'Tandem' my only first option?
    *Here at Skydive Burnaby we offer only Tandem Skydives as a first jump option.

    *It is a proven fact that a tandem skydive, with full assistance from a professional Instructor, increases the students confidence and allows the jumper to relax and enjoy the

    *Once you have done your first tandem skydive, Skydive Burnaby has the Advanced Freefall Progression designed to get you into solo freefall.

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  • What should I wear?
    *Comfortable, suitable clothing for the day. If it's chilly outside, dress for warmth and flexibility.

    *Remember that at the exit altitude it will be considerably cooler than on the ground.

    *Also factor in the freefall speeds that will add even more cooling.

    * If you wear glasses or contact lenses, just mention this to your instructor and they can assist you.

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  • What does the training consist of?
    *Skydive Burnaby offers modernized training techniques that combine video training and 1 on 1 Instructor ground training.

    *If you have any additional questions after your training feel free to talk with your instructor as we can answer most of, if not all, of your questions.

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  • How long does it take to learn to skydive?
    *For tandem skydives we request that you plan on spending at least a half a day with us. Normally it doesn't take that long but on occasion, due to weather, scheduling or other unforeseen circumstances, we might have a delay in the operations.

    *For the Advanced Freefall Progression students, be prepared to spend the whole day at Skydive Burnaby, especially if you are enrolled in the Ground School Course (6 to 8 hours). There will be breaks throughout the day and we usually get our AFP students jumping later in the afternoon when the winds are lighter.

    *To become a licensed skydiver it takes a minimum of 25 jumps, which is usually accomplished in approximately 10 to 14 days of jumping.

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  • Can I get my skydive video-taped or photographed?
    Absolutely! In fact we recommend it. How often do you get a chance to make your first skydive.

    The video and photography staff here at Skydive Burnaby are professionals in the art of 'Air -To - Air Photography'. Just ask for the video package and we can capture all of your exciting moments to re-live and share with your family and friends.

    Also available is our 'In - Air Photography' service which not only includes video but you also get an amazing series of digital photographs.

    For more video and photo questions please ask a staff member or visit out Photo & Video page.

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  • May I bring my own camera on the skydive?
    Due to the heights, excitement and speed of your skydive we do not allow personal cameras along on the jump. We'd rather you focus on enjoying yourself that thinking about taking pictures. If you would like photos and video, consider having your jump videotaped by our professional team of photographers.

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  • Can I share a tandem video with my friends?
    Sorry, but no. Your videographer will be able to capture some nice pictures and video of you and all your friends on the ground, but in freefall each skydiver requires their own cameraman.

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  • Can I bring a friend to do a tandem skydive?
    Of course you can and they will be well taken care of with one of our experienced Tandem Instructors.
    We have discounts available if you bring a group of 5 or more with you.
    You can also become a ‘Tandem Group Organizer’ bring more friends, and save even more!

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  • I am a student at another dropzone. Can I jump at Skydive Burnaby?
    Depending on what level you’re at yes.
    If you’re still on a student progression from another dropzone, we will welcome you however you will be required to take our transition class and on an individual basis will fit you into our world class progression.
    If you have your 'Solo License' you may have to do a coach jump with one of our instructors to get cleared for jumping here.
    Please bring all relevant information with you, like a first jump certificate, logbook and I.D.

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  • Under what circumstances could I not jump?
    *Skydiving relies heavily on our teamwork with Mother Nature.

    *Situations like rain, low clouds and high winds are reasons for not jumping.

    *Be sure to check with Skydive Burnaby if you are planning on not attending for your booking as we benefit from a situation called 'lake affect weather'.

    *We are located close to the shores of Lake Erie and we often have jumpable skies while other regions of the province do not.

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  • What if I'm afraid of flying or of heights?
    *Fear is often a motivator. Be it a fear of heights, of flying. of falling, of whatever. When we conquer these fears we realize that there may be 'More to me than I thought'.

    *All of the staff here at Skydive Burnaby are trained professionals, and yes, some may have started with the same question in mind.
    We pride ourselves in offering a professional and courteous service for you, the student and passengers.

    *If you are still unsure about your fears while on board the plane, notify your Instructor as you do have the option of landing with the aircraft.

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  • How high do we go?
    *Skydive Burnaby has the opportunity to offer the highest tandem skydive Toronto, GTA and the Golden Horseshoe will allow.

    *Our skydives begin at either 11000 or 14000 feet (3 - 4 KM high), depending on the aircraft.

    *Weather also contributes to the exit altitude. We cannot pass through solid low-lying clouds so occasionally we have to modify our exit height in order to adhere to our degree of safety and the relevant aviation laws.

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  • How fast do we fall?
    *Initially we start out flying at the same speed as the aircraft. That is why you don't get that 'roller-coaster' feeling. It takes some time to build up your freefall speeds. Once we get into 'terminal velocity' our speeds will vary due to our body position and our body style.

    *On average, a tandem skydiving pair will reach speeds of 200 kph or 120 mph.

    *The next time you are driving to Skydive Burnaby look at your speedometer, notice the 100 kph and then double that. Well don't double that on the highway.

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  • What if my parachute doesn't open?
    *This question should have placed at the top of the FAQ's.

    *Statistically the chances of a parachute malfunction are 1 in 600+. Those odds are increased in the Tandem Skydiving realm due to the extra precautions taken by the equipment manufacturer and the Dropzone.

    *While it is always a possibility, all of the Skydive Burnaby staff are professionals and are trained to handle a parachute malfunction.

    *Every skydiving parachute system is equipped with a mandatory second (reserve) parachute and an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) to further aid in making all of your jumps as safe as possible.

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  • Can I breathe in freefall?
    *Actually you don't need to. The necessary amount of oxygen needed in order to survive is actually forced through our skin and into our blood in a process called osmosis ~ ( äz-ˈmō-səs )

    Sorry folks. Just kidding! We had to put this in here.

    *The real trick to breathing in freefall is to Remember To Breathe! A bright wide smile on your face helps you to breathe and looks really great on video!

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  • How hard is the landing?
    *The typical landing is often compared to jumping off of a chair or curb.

    *With todays 'Ram Air Parachutes' the days of hard landings are behind us.

    *Often we'll see images of Military jumpers, using old round parachutes, landing with a thud but todays square parachutes fly in the same manner as an airplane wing, enabling us to land smoothly, softly and accurately.

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  • Can I buy a tandem skydive as a gift?
    Of course.
    If it's for graduation, a birthday or any celebration at all, we have refillable gift cards available. These can easily be purchased over the phone and mailed to you or in person at the dropzone.

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  • Should I tip my instructor or videographer?
    *Tipping is not expected, but is always greatly appreciated.

    *If you feel your instructor, video person or pilot has done an especially good job, let them know about it.

    *Everyone at Skydive Burnaby works hard to create a positive and lasting experience for you.

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  • Is there camping or space available to stay overnight?
    Yes. We'd be happy to have you.
    Camping is available at Skydive Burnaby however there are NO trailer “hook-ups”.

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  • Why choose Skydive Burnaby?
    *Skydive Burnaby is a fantastic choice for making your first skydive.

    *Yes there are other facilities in southern Ontario, some may even be closer to you, but no other centre can boast our view, our history and our airlift capacity.

    *Experienced jumpers from across Canada and visiting jumpers from around the world come to Skydive Burnaby for our special events.

    *Make your 'special event', your first jump, at the same place that the professionals choose.

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