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2nd Jump Special

Save $50 off your

T2 Tandem Skydive!

A student skydiver opens his parachute above Skydive Burnaby in Ontario, Canada.
We want you to continue skydiving so we are offering a great savings when you purchase your 2nd Jump.

Visit the Skydive Burnaby office for more details.

The Skydive Burnaby Tandem / AFP Progression

So you want to come back for more? Well this is where it all begins!... (again) - The Skydive Burnaby 'Advanced Freefall Progression'.

Come back for more - Tandem # 2 - T2

Your second jump here is considered a 'Tandem Level 2' (T2). This time you learn a few more ‘skydiver tricks’.

T2 students learn more skydiving basics like:

Arch for Exit
Read your altimeter
Initiate turns in freefall
Open your own parachute at the correct altitude
Practice parachute control and landing techniques
Assist the instructor with landing your parachute

Skydive Burnaby Tandem # 3 - T3

'Tandem Level 3' (T3) adds to the skills acquired on your first jump and your T2.

T3 students learn even more skydiving basics like:

Arch for Exit
Reading your altimeter accurately
Create 360 turns in freefall
Tracking ( Flying like ‘Superman’)
Open your parachute at the correct altitude
Practice parachute control and landing flare timing

Ground School Required Training

Requirements :

Completion of T2 and T3 at a satisfactory level
Registration for Ground School Course
If you are a student at a different skydiving center we can include you in our Advanced Freefall Progression.
After a transition class we can modify our course to utilize the skills and knowledge you have already acquired.

Components :

Introduction to basic skydiving requirements
Dropzone orientation
Basic freefall hand signals
Equipment component identification
Parachute Recognition
Contact Skydive Burnaby for Course Registration and Student Requirements.

Advanced Freefall Progression

Requirements :

Completion of T2 and T3 Tandem Skydives
Completion of Ground School Course
The Advanced Freefall Progression is a 7 Jump course that uses the skills you've learned during your Tandem Skydives and your Ground School Course that is designed for you to become a safe, confident and certified jumper.

Components :

Exit Techniques
Stable Freefall Body Position
Altitude Awareness
Parachute Deployment
Canopy Control
Talk to your Instructor to learn more about becoming a Certified Skydiver.

Contact Skydive Burnaby and learn to become a Certified Skydiver!

AFP Promotion

Pre-pay and SAVE on the Advanced Freefall Progression.

If we receive payment in full at the beginning, your graduation jump and all associated costs is FREE.
  • Free 'Hop-N-Pop' Graduation Jump (Including Pre-Jump Instruction)
  • Free equipment rental (Including rig, helmet, altimeter and jumpsuit)
Combining the safety and security of 'Tandem Skydiving' with the accelerated learning methods of 'Progressive Freefall', Skydive Burnaby has developed the most intelligent form of skydive instruction available today. A series of Tandem Skydives followed by thorough ground instruction and then on to the 'Solo' elements of learning how to become a qualified Skydiver. Skydive Burnaby has been developing this system for years and have realized that it truly is the best.

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