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Tandem Skydiving Photos

tandem Skydivers over Skydive Burnaby in Ontario, Canada

The excitement of your first jump.

The memories of your first tandem jump can last a lifetime. Capture the moment.

Formation Skydiving Photos

Freeflyers in Freefall over Skydive Burnaby, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

From 2-Way to Big-Way.

Performing these dives at over 200 KMH takes skill, passion and experience.

Exit Shot Photos

Jumpind Out Of A Perfectly Good Airplane At Skydive Burnaby.

The moment of truth. Ready, Set..

Go see some amazing images of people jumping from 'Perfectly good airplanes.'

Parachute Photos

a parachutist flies their canopy above Skydive Burnaby, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

After the freefall.

Parachutes of all sizes and colours fly above our beautiful Lake Erie coastline.

Canopy Piloting Photos

A canopy pilot gets wet at the Skydive Burnaby dropzone, near Toronto, Canada.

Rockets made of nylon and line.

Take a look at the crazy high-speed, high-impact world of Canopy Piloting.

Caption The Moment

Artistic creations from the Skydive Burnaby dropzone.

You write the photos' captions.

Web image captions are really boring. You can make it personal, fun or funny!

The Creative Gallery

Artistic creations from the Skydive Burnaby dropzone.

Unique and Beautiful Artwork.

User submitted artwork with a focus on the Skydive Burnaby DropZone.

Skydive Burnaby Video

An amazing series of videos created about, or at, Skydive Burnaby.

An Amazing Collection Of Video.

Video killed the radio star... but it also allows non-skydivers a new perspective.

Faces, Places & After Dark

Smiling faces, beautiful places and life after dark at Skydive Burnaby.

Smiling Faces & Unique Places.

A DropZone is nothing without those who fill it with life, love and passion.

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We Are Seeking Submissions for the Creative Gallery

Did you create your own photo from a Skydive Burnaby moment?

Are you a designer that has made something unique from your experience here at the DropZone?

Send us your pictures and we'll include them here in the Skydive Burnaby Gallery!

You can also include a link an online video or anything… as long as it is original and includes a part of your Skydive Burnaby experience.

Please send your submissions to Gallery at Skydive Burnaby.

gallery at skydiveburnaby dot com
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