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Skydive Burnaby : Experienced Skydiver Pricing 2016*


Twin Otters fly in formation to altitude.

At Skydive Burnaby we offer the highest altitudes in Ontario at the lowest prices.

Cessna Jump Prices

11000 Feet - $31*
7500 Feet - $25*
4500 Feet - $22*

Caravan Jump Prices

14000 Feet - $37.80*

5500 Feet - $25*
*Prices may differ for events and record attempts.

Bulk Jump Rate Purchases

Contact Skydive Burnaby and ask about our bulk rates.
Purchase your jumps in blocks of 25, 50 or 100 and get a fantastic saving on our already low jump prices.

And YES! Bulk jump ticket purchases are sharable and transferable.

Skydive Coaching and Equipment Rentals in Ontario!

New to the sport? Working toward your skydiving license? Visiting from another DropZone? Well Skydive Burnaby has the solutions for you. Everything from gear rentals to coaching programs we can get you in the air and keep you there safely and intelligently.
Drop in to the DZ and get geared up.

All Skydive Burnaby rental equipment includes:

Initial Professional Packjob
Quality Harness and Container System
Main and Reserve Parachute suitable to your experience
Automatic Activation Device (AAD)

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