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Frequently Asked Question for Experienced Skydivers

  • Do I need to be a CSPA member?
    We are a CSPA and USPA affiliated dropzone that requires either a CSPA and or USPA license. We also recognize foreign equivalent licenses that have been issued by any FAI associated group member.
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  • What do I need at registration time?
    You will need to go to manifest with...
    * Your gear and reserve packing data card ( if you have gear )
    * Up-to-date Logbook
    * CSPA membership card
    * Certificate Of Proficiency Card (COP)
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  • Are 'High Performance' turns permitted?
    Hook turns or High Performance Landings are permitted if you are capable.
    There is a sectioned off area for swoopers and fast canopy pilots but the important words are highlighted above... If you are capable!
    The thrill of a great swoop wears off pretty fast if someone gets injured so please respect the guidelines set out by Skydive Burnaby and know your limitations.
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  • Are AAD's required?
    No, Skydive Burnaby does not force you to have an AAD if you are a licensed skydiver.
    If you are not a licensed jumper, all of our rental equipment does come with an AAD and all of our student gear is fitted with one as required by CSPA.
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  • I am a student at another dropzone. Can I jump at Skydive Burnaby?
    Depending on what level you’re at yes.
    If you have your Solo you may have to do a coach jump with one of our instructors to get checked out.
    If you’re still on a student progression from another dropzone, we will welcome you however you will be required to take our transition class and on an individual basis will fit you into our world class progression.
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  • Can I take my CSPA license tests at Skydive Burnaby?
    Yes you can.
    We have recognized CSPA Logbook Examiners, (LE) and Certificate Administrators (CA).
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  • Do you have rental gear available?
    Rental gear is offered in a variety from sizes ranging from 150sq to 288sq ft.
    All rental equipment at Skydive Burnaby is CYPRES equipped.
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  • Do you have videographers and / or coaches available?
    Yes we offer both.
    However depending on the time of year you may need put your name on a sign up sheet due to demand.
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  • If my reserve is out-of-date, can I get a repack here?
    Skydive Burnaby has a full service rigging loft so you can get a re-pack here.
    Not only for reserve parachute packing but we also offer equipment assembly, jumpsuit repair and AAD installations.
    Rush service for any of our Rigging Loft services is available for an additional fee.

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  • Can I bring a friend to do a tandem skydive?
    Of course you can and they will be well taken care of with one of our experienced Tandem Instructors.
    You will also receive a $15.00 credit towards an full altitude jump for each friend you bring.
    You can also become a ‘Tandem Group Organizer’ bring more friends, and save even more!
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  • Can I buy jump tickets in advance or in bulk?
    Of course.
    Jump tickets are available in advance and offered in bulk.
    Please see our 2014 pricelist for further information.
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  • Is there camping or space available to stay overnight?
    Yes. We'd be happy to have you.
    Camping is available at Skydive Burnaby however there are NO trailer “hook-ups”.
    There are also a number of 'Skydive Friendly' local motels that offer discounts and other services.
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