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Advanced Skydiving and License Qualification Coaching

Taking your skills to the next level.

No matter what your experience level, Skydive Burnaby hosts annual events with the experienced jumper in mind. We are constantly trying to create world class skydivers so we can do bigger and better events with everyone at the DZ involved.

We have coaches available in most disciplines and are capable of teaching you current techniques with the focus on safety, progress and fun.

Coaches are ready to introduce techniques for...

Formation Skydiving and Relative Work
Big Way Formation Skydiving
Freefly or Vertical Flying
Classic Style and Accuracy
Canopy Piloting and Swooping
Camera Flying - Basic, Working and Competitive
A skydiving coach and student fly above Skydive Burnaby, near Toronto, Ontario.

A Student and his Coach fly in freefall.

Why Do I Need A Coach?

The real answer is, you don't. But...
Many people are just naturally gifted. Be it the 14 year old computer whiz, the prodigal mathematician or the sous chef with an amazing palette. They have recognized their shortcomings and succeeded on their integrity and given skills.

Now ask an Olympian why
they have a coach. If you are the fastest person in the world what effect does having a coach help you?

This answer is as simple as the first one, just longer.

In relation to sports, the role of the coach is to create the right conditions for learning to happen and to find ways of motivating the athletes. Most athletes are already motivated and therefore the task is to maintain that motivation and to generate excitement and enthusiasm.
Aid athletes with the preparation of training programs
Communicate effectively with the athletes
Assist in the development of new skills
Use evaluation methods to monitor training progress
Directly critique performance
Set realistic goals
Therefore, you can see that coaching is a very difficult task and requires a special type of person. You may not perceive skydiving as a sport yet but don't tell that to the individuals and teams that train for years to become the best in their province, their country and the ultimate goal, the best in the world.

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