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Passion and Experience

With thousands of skydives, multiple national, international and world records under their belt, the professional staff at Skydive Burnaby are among the most experienced and successful skydivers in Canada.

Certified Instructors

Instructors here are certified by the National Coaching Certificate Program and by both the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA) and the United States Parachute Association (USPA).

Quality Assured

These qualifications ensure you, the student, the finest and most professional skydiving team in Southern Ontario. Join us for your first jump or your 1000th. You will know you're getting the best in the business

Mike P ~ DZO, AFP, IB, Tandem, EJR

Mike P - The guy around here!
Jumps: 4600+

Awards: World record holder - largest sequential formation skydive. Multiple national large formation records.

Accomplishments: In one word - Miranda

Me, in 5 words (or less): Life is good

Tara P ~ DZO, Manifest, Operations Manager

Tara P - The gal around here!
Jumps: 2

Awards: Too many awards to list here.

Accomplishments: One word - Miranda

Me, in 5 words: This is your 5 minute call.

Scott B ~ C1, C2, IB, EJR, AFP, Tandem IE

Scotty - No Description Available
Jumps: 7800+

Awards: Multiple Canadian National Records. Canadian Skydiving Team member since 1987.

Accomplishments: Canadian overall champion in Style and Accuracy, Canadian records in Style (fastest), Accuracy (consecutive dead centres). Multiple National Formation Skydiving Records.

Me, in 5 words: Perfectionist, passionate, finicky, contemplative, fun!

Rick E ~ C2, IB, AFP, Tandem, EJR

Rick E. - Instructor
Jumps: 6400+

Awards: Multiple gold medals. Former videographer for Canadian National Formation Skydiving Team.

Accomplishments: Multiple national large formation records. Represented Canada at 3 World Skydiving Championships.

Me, in 5 words: I only need one - Durable!

Mike X ~ C2, IB, EJR, AFP, PRO, EJR, Tandem

Mike X - Instructor / Video
Jumps: 5100+

Awards: Canadian National Junior and Intermediate Style and Accuracy Champion. Featured profile skydiver in Canpara magazine

Accomplishments: Performed over 40 demo jumps including jumps into Ontario Place. Internationally published skydiving photographer. SkydiveBurnaby.Com Webmaster

Me, in 5 words: Wake me up at noon.

Peter D ~ C2, EJR, Tandem

PeeDee - Instructor
Jumps: 2800+

Awards: Gold Medal - 2006 Canadian Sport Accuracy Champion.

Accomplishments: Met a lot of fantastic, interesting people, and then threw them out of an airplane.

Me, in 5 words (or less): Fun and outgoing!

Glenn C ~ Tandem, Coach, Freefly A.D.

Glenn - Instructor
Jumps: 1500+

Awards: Atmosphere Dolphin Rating, 5 time Vertical Formation (Freefly) record holder. Gananoque 4-way
Challenge- 2nd place (Camera).

Accomplishments: Successfully landed a parachute backwards.

Me, in 5 words (or less): Vivacious, audacious and tenacious!

Gary B ~ Tandem, C1, IB, LE, CA,

Gary - Smiles are contagious!
Jumps: 1900+

Awards: Sorry, Im just not competitive on Skydiving!

Accomplishments: Taking my dad for a tandem on our 1066th jump each!

Me, in 5 words: Organized, Knowledgeable, Methodical, Focused, Ex-President.

Andrea G ~ Tandem , C1, Skydive U Coach

Andrea - Instructor
Jumps: 1400+

Accomplishments: World record holder - largest sequential formation skydive. Canadian Records - Largest Women's Formation 34-Way, largest formation, 59-Way. Having the wonderful friends I've made through this great sport, getting my tandem rating, and docking successfully on my first 100 way.

Visit my Jump For The Cause Jumper Profile

Me, in 5 words: That's me, in five words.

Brent H ~ Photo & Video

Brento - Videographer
Jumps: 2650+

Awards: 1st place CPC Ontario Region, 4th place Canadian championships, 6th place World Parachuting Championship in Canopy Piloting,
Multiple national Freefly records.

Accomplishments: Nationally and internationally ranked canopy pilot.

Me, in 5 words (or less): That’s just redonkulous.

Eric C ~ Photo & Video

Eric - Videographer
Jumps: 2000+

Awards: 1st Place Ontario Canopy Piloting Champion - 2007. C License.

Accomplishments: I got married and my wife still likes me.

Me, in 5 words: Put me on Load 1.

Max T ~ Photo & Video

Max - Videographer
Jumps: 2200+

Awards: CSPA ‘B’ License

Accomplishments: Staying alive

Me, in 5 words: Max Lamp Helmet Kaleidoscope Eleven

Rick O ~ Photo & Video, C1, Packer

Rick - All Around Guy
Jumps: 1200+

Awards: Gold medal 2009 Canadian Nationals (8-way), Silver Medal 2007 Canadian Nationals ’10 Way’, Gold Medal 2008 SDC Thanksgiving Meet

Accomplishments: Cutting away from the normal working world.

Me, in 5 words: Honest, Fun, Grateful, Observant, Excited.

Jeff S ~ Photo & Video, EJR

Jeff - Videographer
Jumps: 1650+

Awards: Hottest Camera Guy Award 2009

Accomplishments: Every time I see a student's face as they watch their video! And being Rick O's nemesis.

Me, in 5 words (or less): Ex-President

Sheri B ~ Senior Rigger, Packer, QE, CP Judge

Sheri -
Jumps: 490

Awards: Certified FAI, TC and FAA Senior Rigger

Accomplishments: Remembering to call mom. Perfecting the 'Fuel-Load Packjob' and keeping the DZ tandem staff in the sky.

Me, in 5 words (or less): I'm just Sheri.

Holly D ~ Parachute Packer, Designer

Holly - Parachute Packer
Jumps: 42

Awards: A License ( more to come :) )

Accomplishments: Persisting to jump out of (not so) perfectly good airplanes.

Me, in 5 words (or less): Human.

Tara L ~ Manifest

Tara - Manifest
Jumps: 4

Awards: Winner of the 'Patience Gets Me Nowhere Award', 3 years running.

Accomplishments: Hayden.

Me, in 5 words (or less): Positive. Friendly. Mother. Real!

Melody A ~ Manifest

Melody - Manifest
Jumps: 180+

Awards: CSPA ‘B’ License.

Accomplishments: Learning a lot about myself and about teamwork, trying to get a slot with the Canadian Women’s record team, all with less than 100 skydives at the time.

Me, in 5 words: One word says it all... Awesome!! :)

Wendy B ~ Commercial Pilot, Manifest, PRM

Wendy - Pilot
Jumps: 2 *Updated*

Awards: Commercial Pilot Rating

Accomplishments: Creating flight instructions manual. Pilots License.

Me, in 5 words: Hmmmm. Caring, Dedicated, All Smiles.

James ~ Commercial Pilot

James - Pilot
Jumps: 2 *Updated*

Awards: Multi-engine instrument rated commercial pilot.

Accomplishments: My baby.

Me, in 5 words: Father, Husband, Fun-Loving-Prankster.

Norton ~ Commercial Pilot, BMI

Norton - Pilot
Jumps: 360+

Awards: Mulit-engine Instrument Rated Pilot, Birdman Instructor

Accomplishments: Growing up at the skydiving center has given me a great, and somewhat different, view on our lives.

Me, in 5 words: Loyal, Easy Going, Aerial-Redneck.

More Coming Soon!

Ratings Abbreviations

DZO - DropZone Owner
AFP - Advanced Freefall Progression Instructor
IB - Instructor ‘B’ Rating
Tandem IE - Tandem Instructor Evaluator
Tandem - Certified Tandem Instructor
C2 - Advanced Certified Freefall Coach
C1 - Certified Freefall Coach

Qualifications Abbreviations

EJR - Exhibition Jump Rating
LE - Logbook Examiner
CA - Certificate Administrator
QE - Qualified Evaluator
CP Judge - Canopy Piloting Judge
BMI - Birdman Wingsuit Flight Instructor
PRM - Person Responsible for Maintenance
A.D. - Atmosphere Dolphin Rating

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Here is a bit of useless information.

If you were to take the combined number of skydives made by the Skydive Burnaby staff it would currently equal over 42 380 jumps. That would mean that, if you were to jump once a day, it would take you over 116 years to make that number of jumps.
You had better get started soon!

With some simple math we can go further...
  • The average skydiver travels at approximately 176 feet per second.
  • That equals a total of 447 532 800 feet travelled in the 2 542 800 seconds we have spent in freefall, with an average jump time of 60 seconds.
  • 447 532 800 feet roughly translates to 84 760 miles or 136 407 kilometers.
  • The earths circumference at the equator is 40 076 km. That means the staff at Skydive Burnaby has travelled around the world nearly 3 1/2 times IN FREEFALL!
  • To give you a better perspective of how far this really is... well, it means that we have flown from Toronto to Vancouver and back 6 times, from Toronto to Sydney Australia and back more that 4 times or, my favourite comparison, roughly 1/3rd of the way to the moon.
Not too bad for a group of skydivers from here in Ontario. Quite a well travelled bunch.

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