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The History Of Masterson Field


A commemorative plaque at Skydive Burnaby
honouring Canadian skydiving pioneer,
Glenn Masterson.

This historic grass airstrip was originally used by a group of locals, the Hill's and the Sickout's, to train pilots to fly for military services starting in 1948.

From 1948 - 1962 they used their developing skills to build up the Port Colborne Airport into a nationally recognized flight training centre.

Airplanes had been flown above the 69 acre field for years but in 1962 the residents of Wainfleet and Port Colborne started seeing something different in the air. Parachutes.

Canadian skydiving pioneer Glenn Masterson purchased the property and moved the already existing St. Catharine's Parachute Club to the airfield. Glenn past away in 1975 of cancer but he stated in his will that his land was to remain a skydiving operation.

The original St. Catharine's Parachute Club, widely considered as North America's oldest skydiving club, was a non-profit organization founded in 1948 and continued operating as such until 1998, celebrating 50 years of operation.

In 1998 Mike & Tara Pitt purchased the property as Mike had been a member of the club since he was 10 years old and wanted to continue Glenn's dream of progressing the sport of skydiving in Canada.

In 1999 the name was changed but the mission remained the same.

Skydive Burnaby has kept the spirit of Masterson's Field alive by continually advancing student training methods and providing experienced Canadian skydivers with a venue to let their passions soar.

At Skydive Burnaby you get both, a history of skydiving in Canada combined with the skydiving techniques of the future.

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